Limited Time Promotion:
$349 Teeth Whitening Special!
(Normally $550)

Limited Time Promotion:
$349 Teeth Whitening Special
(Normally $550)

Schedule an appointment today to save over $200!



The foods we eat and things we drink can change the shade of our teeth over time. As we age, the dentin in our teeth becomes darker. The effect is a dull smile with teeth that are yellow or even a light shade of brown. Tooth bleaching can reverse these effects and brighten your smile.

With our in-office Zoom® whitening, you can see results of up to 8-shades whiter in 45 minutes. This fast, effective, and safe way to whiten your teeth far surpasses a take-home kit you might pick up at the store in both its effectiveness and length of time before seeing results. In addition, when we’re involved, you can be assured the process is safe, reliable, and hassle free.

Zoom Teeth WhiteningSummer Special:

Save over $200 on our professional teeth whitening services, and see improvements of up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes!

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Invisalign Thoroughgood DentalInvisalign®
Invisalign clear aligners are a fantastic alternative to traditional braces, and will provide you with a straighter smile without the noticeable hassle. Let our dental professionals walk you through the process!
Invisalign Info
Tired of teeth that are less than straight, but not ready for the commitment of braces? Have no fear! Invisalign teeth straightening is safe, affordable, and best of all- clear! Call today or schedule an appointment to get started.
Invisalign Vs. Braces
There are many differentiating factors between braces and Invisalign clear aligners- most obviously, that braces are quite noticeable, while Invisalign is pretty undetectable.
Here are some other benefits of clear aligners:
• Removable
• No issues with food getting caught
• No difficulty eating
• No discomfort from wires

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